AABANY congratulates Justice Doris Ling-Cohan on receiving NAPABA’s Women’s Leadership Award at the 2017 NAPABA National Convention. She was presented with with the honor during the gala on Saturday night, Nov. 4.

As President Dwight Yoo stated in AABANY’s press release announcing the award:

Justice Ling-Cohan is a Founding Board Member of AABANY and prior Vice President…. In the over 27 years since she helped to found the organization, AABANY has witnessed first-hand Justice Ling-Cohan’s commitment to women and the APA community. Justice Ling-Cohan’s historic rise to the bench as an APA woman, her dedication to women’s issues, her tireless pursuit of justice, and her support of the APA community make her an ideal candidate to receive NAPABA’s 2017 Women’s Leadership Award. We commend NAPABA on recognizing Justice Ling-Cohan with this prestigious and well-deserved honor.

For the full text of the press release go to http://blog.aabany.org/post/165476647787/aabany-congratulates-the-honorable-doris

Please join us in congratulating Justice Ling-Cohan on this laudable and important recognition of her leadership and contributions to the legal profession and APA legal community. (Photos courtesy of James Cho.)