On Thursday, March 29, the IP Committee and In-House Counsel Committee joined up for a dim sum dinner at Nom Wah Nolita. IP practitioners from law firm and in-house settings got together in a side room that was dedicated to our party. Attendees got to enjoy the restaurant’s ample offerings of Chinese classics, like scallion pancakes, chicken wings, turnip cakes, shiitake ‘shroom fried rice, meatless mapo tofu, and a wide assortment of dumplings, including soup dumplings and shrimp and pork siu mai. Dessert came in the form of red bean buns and phoenix buns. Among the more unique and delectable libations offered was a ginger lemonade. Some opted for coconut froth on top to add another flavor kick.

Thanks to outgoing IP Committee Co-Chair and current Vice President of Programs and Operations Charles Chen for organizing this event. Many business cards were exchanged, and everyone left with smiles and full tummies.