AABANY’s Law School Roadshows continued on September 5 with a visit to Cardozo APALSA. Executive Director Yang Chen met with Cardozo’s APALSA members to share with them what AABANY is, why we exist, what we do, how we do it and most importantly, how law students can get involved and why they need to start connecting with AABANY, even as law students. Executive Director Chen offered some free memberships donated by AABANY’s sponsors, and many eager law students took him up on the offer. We look forward to seeing many Cardozo APALSA members taking part in AABANY events in the coming days and months, including the Fall Conference, taking place on Saturday, September 22, at Fordham Law School. We do offer a law student group rate at $45 per student, signing up in groups of four, so we hope law students will take advantage of that and join us at the Fall Conference. Law students can also attend the Fall Conference as volunteers. To sign up to volunteer at the Fall Conference, go here to complete the form.

If you would like AABANY to visit with your APALSA, contact the Student Outreach Committee.

(Thanks to Cardozo APALSA’s Instagram for the photo.)