Student Outreach Committee and Corporate Law Committee Co-host Program on “What Do Corporate Lawyers Do?”

On March 31, 2023, the Student Outreach and Corporate Law Committees presented the panel: “What Do Corporate Lawyers Do?” at Orrick’s New York office. Moderators Long Dang (litigation associate at Cleary) and Jay Hawlader (law student at Brooklyn Law School) spoke to corporate attorneys Alice Hsu (Capital Markets partner at Orrick), Chris Min (Finance partner at Orrick), Cherry Liu (M&A/PE associate at Paul, Weiss), and Ashley Wong (M&A/PE and Capital Markets associate at Sidley). 

In a relaxed setting with pizza and soft drinks, students listened to Alice and Chris speak about building relationships with clients, managing associates, and how they succeeded in becoming partner at their firm. Cherry and Ashley gave advice on how law students should judiciously select practical law classes, how they can ace the law firm interview process, and how to be resourceful, self-starting junior associates.

The panelists also shared what drew them into their respective fields. Ashley, for example, was inspired by purchasing Teavana tea from a Starbucks menu and was then intrigued by high-level transactions that affected consumers. Chris was drawn into her group because she enjoyed the personalities and the work combination.

Students on Zoom and in person listened closely as Alice described her day in a life as a partner and when Cherry gave advice on interviewing with law firms. The event concluded with Q&A and light mingling among the panelists and students.

Thanks to the Student Outreach Committee and Corporate Law Committee for organizing this helpful and informative program, and thanks to all the speakers for sharing their knowledge and insights.

Join the Student Outreach Committee  and Tax Committee for “What Do Tax Lawyers Do?” on April 26. For more details and to register, go here.

Tax Club Dinner Returns to a Great Turnout on February 7th

The Tax Committee rebooted the Tax Club Dinner series on February 7, 2023, with a great turnout for dinner at Tang Pavilion.  It was the first in person dinner since the pandemic and the Tax Committee was happy to welcome old and new faces. 

Shiukay Hung presented an overview of domestically-controlled REITs, the typical structuring of such REITs, and recent proposed Treasury Regulations that may affect structuring of this kind. 

 It was great to be reunited, and the Tax Committee looks forward to regular dinners going forward.

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Tax Committee Holds First Tax Club Dinner of 2020

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, the Tax Committee held another Tax Club dinner at Wu Liang Ye.  The attendees discussed estate planning in light of the current transfer tax landscape with a specific focus on estate planning for the moderately wealthy, including both tax and non-tax ramifications.  With the increase in estate and gift tax exemption as a result of tax reform, fewer individuals will be subject to transfer taxes. However, everyone should still have an essential set of documents prepared, and individuals who have at least $5.5 million in assets should consider taking advantage of the increased exemptions before these provisions sunset in 2026. Thanks to everyone who attended. To learn more about the Tax Committee go to .

AABANY Tax Club Quarterly Dinner

AABANY Members enjoying the food at Tang Pavilion

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, the Tax Committee held its quarterly Tax Club dinner at Tang Pavilion.  Daniel Ng, Senior Manager at KPMG, presented on issues related to Controlled Foreign Corporations prior to and as a result of recent tax reform as well as Global Intangible Low Tax Income.  The next Tax Club dinner will take place in the fall, and it is anticipated that the discussion will focus on estate planning and transfer tax issues.

The Tax Committee would like to thank everyone for coming out to this successful event. To learn more about the Tax Committee and how to contact the Co-Chairs, go to

AABANY Tax Club Dinner

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, the Tax Committee held its quarterly Tax Club Dinner at Tang Pavilion. The diverse group of attendees discussed a wide variety of tax, business, and other non-tax considerations for qualified opportunity zones, a hot new tax incentive that promotes equity investments in certain designated low-income communities. Many qualified opportunity zones can be found in Asian communities, including Flushing, Sunset Park, and Chinatown in Philadelphia. It is anticipated that the next Tax Club dinner, during the summer, will discuss lending businesses and their tax implications for both U.S. and foreign investors.

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Thanks to Tax Committee Co-Chair Libin Zhang, Partner at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, for providing the write-up and photo for this blog post.

AABANY Tax Committee Quarterly Meeting


On October 9, 2018, the AABANY Tax Committee held its quarterly meeting and dinner at the offices of Ashurst LLP, in order to discuss the Wayfair Supreme Court decision and other state and local tax issues.  Presenters Jessika Wong, of Grant Thornton LLP, and Rebecca Midori Balinskas, of Morrison & Foerster LLP, led a lively and informative discussion about the new landscape for sales taxes, particularly the issues for law firms and other service providers when they provide services to residents of other states.  The discussion addressed the lack of foreign treaty protection for state sales and income taxes, which may be imposed on Asia-based foreign businesses that sell products online to U.S. residents.  The group also discussed various questions related to the effects of the 2017 federal tax reform on state income taxation, such as whether state taxable income includes GILTI.  Special thanks to Sharon Kim, partner at Ashurst LLP, for hosting the event. 

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