On Tuesday, May 1, I had the privilege of speaking to three different classes of 4th and 5th graders at Career Day at PS 124, the Yung Wing School, on Division Street right by Confucius Plaza.  It was my first time talking to students so young about possible careers in the law and I admit to being a bit trepidatious. I was worried that I’d be speaking above their heads.  In my remarks, I noted that May 1, as well as being Career Day, is also Law Day, and I took that as my cue to talk with the students about what law is and what lawyers do.  There were two other speakers in the classroom I was assigned to, Jean Grillo, a writer and District Leader, and Carson Tang, a marketing consultant.  We each had about 15 minutes to tell the students what we did for a living.  It turned out not to be a lot of time, but the students all seemed engaged and interested in what we had to say.

I was far from the only lawyer who took part in Career Day at PS 124.  Names and faces familiar to AABANY took part, including: Hon. Doris Ling-Cohan, Rocky Chin, Tim Wong, Rosemary Yu, Jack Chung and Helen Wan.  Julie Huang, an AABANY member, suggested my name to Principal Alice Hom, who extended the invitation for me to speak.  I was glad to accept.  It was a wonderful experience.  Thanks, Principal Hom (and Julie)!

Photo above: L. to R. – Principal Hom, me, Vicky Law (World Journal), Wallace Chin (Sprint, and Julie’s husband), Julie Huang (Kaimenco), George Lou.