On Tuesday, July 15, AABANY held its first SoulCycle event. AABANY members had the opportunity to network over fruits and powerade. It was a different environment for AABANY members to get together. AABANY members got the chance to stay healthy and fit through cycling.

Our intern Christina Nguyen was there. She tells us, “SoulCycle is indoor cycling reinvented. It’s a forty-five minute fat-burning cardio, full-body workout, and choreography to work our cores. For many of the attendees, it was their first time SoulCycling. Our amazing instructor, Kendra, and the music boosted our energy. Throughout our class, we worked on our core, obliques, legs, and arms with weights. We all tried our best to keep up, while adding resistance to our bikes. We all broke a sweat. Kendra congratulated us for keeping up and called our corporate event one of the best she’s taught.”

Thank you to Planet Data for sponsoring the event, Linda Lin for organizing it, the AABANY In-House Counsel and Litigation Committees for co-hosting, and Kendra for being a wonderful SoulCycle instructor. Everyone who took part got a great workout, and we hope to hold this event again. (Thanks to Kevin Wong for the photos.)