On the crisp autumnal morning of October 24, AABANY’s Young Lawyers Committee spruced up Chinatown in New York Cares. Meeting in Sara D. Roosevelt Park, AABANY sojourned over to the islands on Allen Street to clear the litter, weeds, cigarette butts, and who-knows-what-else to leave just the tiniest part of Chinatown refreshed and revitalized. After a hard morning’s work, the AABANY team rewarded itself with a hearty dim sum meal at Jing Fong. The team consisted of:

  • Fearless leader Gabriel Arce-Yee
  • Amy Ngai
  • Anna Chen
  • Simone Nguyen

If you’d like to get involved with New York Cares, visit their website. If you’d like to get more involved with our Young Lawyers Committee, contact gabriel.arceyee@aabany.org to find out about how you can get more involved.