Highlights from AABANY @ NAPABA 2015

New York once again made a strong showing at the Annual National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (”NAPABA”) Convention. Held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside from Nov. 5-8, the NAPABA Rising Convention brought together over 1,500 Asian Americans from all across the nation. Our members spoke on numerous panels, and we are preparing a separate blog post on that. Keep a look out!

Josh Hsu, former law clerk to the Hon. Denny Chin, and Karen Wu, past Co-Chair of the Pro Bono and Community Service Committee, were each recognized with NAPABA Best Under 40 Awards. The NAPABA Civil Rights Committee, which was formerly chaired by AABANY co-founder Rocky Chin, took home the NAPABA President’s Award. Some of AABANY’s own Co-Chairs – including Vincent Roldan, Dwight Yoo, Ligee Gu, Jenny Lee, Jane Chuang, and Chris Kwok – also ran the show during the NAPABA Committee Meetings. 

Check out the social media highlights below. More photos, in-depth coverage of panels, and more to come.

Read all about the achievements of the President’s Award Committee, which includes our co-founder Rocky Chin: https://t.co/UOCBUinnG5

Rio Guerrero is speaking at tomorrow’s rainmaking panel at 3:30pm!

Happy to see a few familiar faces. If you haven’t already checked out the list of speakers on our FB event, you… https://t.co/QWV2r7fhhK

Our Immigration & Nationality Law Committee Co-Chair Tsui Yee (middle) prepares for the last session of the Solo… https://t.co/Od9JAPvCvD

Advice from @Tsui_Yee: Manage clients’ expectations. Some people think that hiring a lawyer instantly fixes all legal problems. #NAPABA15

Our very own Karen Wu is among those who will be honored at the Best Under 40 Reception in the River room at 5pm. #napaba15

Congratulations to Best Under 40 Josh Hsu and Karen Wu! #napaba15 #representnewyork https://t.co/zZvFyuOvFz

Now that’s one smooth ride. Support NAPABA Law Foundation and maybe you will drive home in it. #napaba2015 https://t.co/mDSKq8AAQK

Some more faces from New York! See you at the Welcome Reception? #napaba15 https://t.co/9aF8EQhQFn

Tomorrow, the Civil Rights Committee will be honored at the @NAPABA Gala: https://t.co/UOCBUinnG5

Blossom Kan is offering advice on how to survive the lion’s den at #napaba15! Think about not only what other… https://t.co/HcgmsGxYk1

AABANY Commercial Bankruptcy & Restructuring Committee Co-Chair Vincent Roldan is sharing his lessons from… https://t.co/TbXpbhMhWP

Our Litigation Committee – ADR Subcommittee Chair Theo Cheng (far right) is presenting on Asians in ADR. By the… https://t.co/ggmIayzOSE

Here’s the list of NFALA speakers at the NAPABA Convention. We’ve got quite a bit of overlap. Definitely check… https://t.co/ixjrbwO8Vs

Jennifer Wu speaking on panel “Shattering Double Ceilings: How to Increase APA Women Leaders in Law.” #napaba15 https://t.co/YOqcW8bctH

“At my first oral argument, the judge was looking at me like I can’t believe she’s speaking and speaking in… https://t.co/uqTbPTuRGX

Former AABANY Board Member Vinoo Varghese moderates Fishy Justice, a panel on prosecutorial misconduct and… https://t.co/OmIbKNik38

Friday Plenary Lunch on Voting Rights https://t.co/sTH8A80CGi

Hello to @NAPABA ED Tina Matsuoka, who encourages everyone to keep out their phones to let people know how much… https://t.co/RPsWSxSwuT

Thx @NAPABA affiliates for inviting me to talk abt rapid response @AABAChicago @APABAPA @APABADC @aabany #NAPABA15 pic.twitter.com/u2j3xF9C1x

When language assistance and disability access is done properly, our communities come out and vote. #NAPABA15 pic.twitter.com/hF1kmJyTXt

Luncheon plenary session on the Voting Rights Act 50 Years Later: Call to Action. #napaba15 https://t.co/lfDJyzHMhA

Congrats to the Best Under 40 award winners! https://t.co/BA3wSVoQh0

Since our most diverse election in 2008, introduced legislative restrictions have unfairly targeted voters of color. #NAPABA15

Listening to @dale_e_ho at NAPABA Plenary lunch session on voting rights. Go Dale! #NAPABA15 #AABANY@NAPABA @aabany pic.twitter.com/icfPAa1LJS

Voter ID laws in Texas were found to be intentionally discriminating against black and Latino voters. #NAPABA15

.@aaldef’s Jerry Vattamala speaks about #AsianAmericans & 50th anniv of #VotingRightsAct at #NAPABA15 New Orleans pic.twitter.com/DFELd0sCby

While civil litigation is being brought against voter discrimination, elections are going forward with these unfair restrictions. #NAPABA15

FYI: You are not allowed to have segregated voting lines based on race. #BostonMA #AnnandaleVA #napaba15

Jerry Vattamala from #AALDEF talks about litigation efforts to protect rights of APAs to vote. #napaba15 https://t.co/O5336vxwxp

By the way, former Mentorship Program Coordinator Julie Kwon will be on the Many Pros, Few Cons Compliance panel in Grand Salon 3. #NAPABA15

#NAPABA15 @NAPABA #Legend #KarenNarasaki moderates deeply important discussion on the erosion of #VotingRightsAct pic.twitter.com/hNNhF5fWNN

Come to Connie Montoya’s panel at 2pm, LGBT Attorneys & the Bamboo Ceiling, in Eglinton Winton! #NAPABA15

Pro-tip: Make pro bono work a part of your practice where you can. Make a big deal about voter registration changes. #NAPABA15

Vattamala: "Sign up for the exit poll, volunteer three hours to be a poll monitor in 2016. Protect the rights of… https://t.co/MUHd2DjOO2

Hearing Judge McKenna, @RachelVSee, David Tsai, Eric De Los Santos, & our very own @montcon speak about the bamboo closet. #napaba15

Julie Kwon, our past Mentorship Program Coordinator, and Robert Shin, President-elect Susan Shin’s husband, speak… https://t.co/u5RzxzeLlg

What does it mean to be Asian, LGBT, and an attorney? #napaba15 https://t.co/6P9p916LL1

Judge McKenna had only just graduated high school when the DSM removed homosexuality as a mental disorder. #NAPABA15 pic.twitter.com/z2YaGqxv0a

"In the most literal way possible, being laid off from a big law firm saved my life.” @RachelVSee #NAPABA15 pic.twitter.com/UDaV8ImV1y

If you’re a minority, you can’t be defeatist & count yourself out. Keep applying. People may pass you over, but you’re qualified. #NAPABA15

Advisory Committee member Michael Yap moderates panel entitled “Secret Handshakes: Practical Leadership and… https://t.co/kLCCAULR0Z

David Lat of @atlblog presents on "Sorry, I Thought You Were the Interpreter – When It’s the Lawyers Who Are… https://t.co/zbx0iAtI1m

Our very own rockstar Hon. Doris Ling-Cohan moderates "The Ins and Outs of Becoming an Administrative Judge: A… https://t.co/Obe3fFqXWS

Delightful post-panel pic with our own @ericdslaw @montcon! #WeAreNFALA #NAPABA15 @FLOW_Law @falanewyork @aabany pic.twitter.com/8k4k0AxRBN

NFALA’s @kiddynomitjj presents the implicit bias panel @ #NAPABA15 w/ @atlblog’s @DavidLat! #NFALAfamily #WeAreNFALA pic.twitter.com/QLZYe4ohfx

Pro-tip for those with judicial ambitions: You can’t get your name out there if you’re not involved politically. #NAPABA15

Captain and Judge Benes Aldana – #NAPABA15 #Trailbazer recipient pic.twitter.com/t6BcNCrdLE

Captain & Judge Benes Aldana: "Do what you can to bend the arch of the moral universe towards justice.” #NAPABA15

Enjoyed presenting continuing legal education on becoming an Administrative Law Judge this afternoon #NAPABA15 pic.twitter.com/S7mTQiCjV6

Congratulations to Assemblyman @RobBonta, who advocates for teaching Asian American history in public schools!

The trailblazers from Hawaii are wearing such beautiful lei. Congratulations to David Louie! pic.twitter.com/pv4pMWscOX

Congratulations to Justice McKenna – language access advocate, pro bono enthusiast, and LGBT trailblazer! #NAPABA15

Hanging out with our friends at #kalagny https://t.co/MGilWiB0Xw

Thanks to the @NAPABA Women’s Leadership Network for organizing the Women in Public Service breakfast plenary… https://t.co/zWduQlCHxJ

Our Immediate Past President Clara Ohr presents on The Paradox of Abundance: The Ups and Downs of $50/Barrel… https://t.co/34nzJhFQJH

The AABANY team prepares for its annual trial reenactment at #napaba15. We’ll be in Grand Salon 7. Get excited! https://t.co/KdeidNxvop

It’s started! Vietnamese Fishermen v. KKK. #napaba15 https://t.co/ml3JXf0HA6

Louis Beam being deposed. “The deposition did not begin well.” #napaba15 #reenactment https://t.co/ZVm2IR8VjX

Thanks to Judge Chin and Kathy Hirata Chin for leading these wonderful annual trial reenactments! pic.twitter.com/LygnpFzjD0

Judge Chin gives the background behind our historical reenactments. Vietnamese Fisherman is number 9. #napaba15 https://t.co/rXKnTXY3Os

Don Liu recognizes NAPABA’s Best Under 40 award recipients. #napaba15 #bu40 https://t.co/wooM5Lax8V

NAPABA 2015-16 Board of Governors has been sworn in. Congrats! #napaba15 https://t.co/rMbX7AnbR9

Just a couple of guys in tuxes at the President’s Party. #napaba15 https://t.co/UdsaCtOGo7