Congratulations to our former interns Anna Chen and Chris Arcitio on winning the recent Thomas Tang Moot Court Northeast Regional! As winners of the Northeast Regional, they’re on their way to compete at the 2016 National Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition at the NAPABA Convention. We could not be prouder of them.

Thank you to Anna Chen for this beautiful photo and caption:

Champions of the 2016 Northeast Regional Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition! No amount of words will do justice (😉) to how rewarding of an experience this was. In the end, it reminded me that hard work will always prevail over natural talent. With no prior moot court experience and a dislike for public speaking, this competition shoved me and my partner out of our comfort zone. Chris, thank you for always believing in me, encouraging me, and reminding the bigger picture of why we’re in law school. I know I’m annoying when I say this but your excellence motivated me to bring my A game every time I got up there. And Kristin, thank you being the best coach. From mooting us in the evenings on a work night to believing in us literally every step of the way, we couldn’t have done this without you. Next up, Nationals at San Diego! #thomastang #teamp03 #ravens #dreamteam #DestinysChild #backupdancers #stilltryingout