On May 17, the Judiciary Committee hosted the inaugural Judges’ Reception, recognizing and honoring newly and recently inducted APA judges and retired APA judges, in celebration of APA Heritage Month. Presiding Justice Randall T. Eng introduced the judges and shared some words of wisdom about the strides that have been made by APAs in the judiciary and the work that continues to increase diversity on the bench.¬†According to Justice Eng, there may not have been much cause for celebrating the diversity of the bench 25 years ago, but there’s still much headway to be made.¬†

Thanks to everyone for coming, and thanks to Hard IP for co-sponsoring the event.

We honored the following individuals:

  • Hon. Dorothy Chin-Brandt
  • Hon. Phyllis Chu
  • Hon. Marilyn Go
  • Hon. Karen Gopee
  • Hon. Judy Kim
  • Hon. Peggy Kuo
  • Hon. Donald Leo
  • Hon. Charlie Liu
  • Hon. Ushir Pandit-Durant
  • Hon. Raja Rajeswari
  • Hon. Frances Wang
  • Hon. Kathryn Paek
  • Honorable Mention: Diane Gujarati

Click through the photograph above to see photos from the event.