AABANY congratulates Preet Bharara, former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, on being honored at the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration hosted by the Office of Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown on May 16. In a conference room filled to capacity and overflowing into the hallway, many prosecutors, law enforcement agents and members of the community came out to hear Preet Bharara speak about his years in the United States Attorney’s Office spearheading numerous high profile and consequential matters covering white collar crime, terrorism, and political corruption, to name just a few.

AABANY was honored to be part of the celebration and we look forward to hearing more from Preet in his new role as Distinguished Scholar in Residence at NYU School of Law.

Preet has also become active on social media, as seen above in his liking the photos above from AABANY’s Instagram account. Be sure to follow @preetbharara (and @aabany too while you’re at it).