On February 8, 2018, Margaret Ling and Sung Hwang, Co-Chairs of the New York County Lawyers Association Asian Practice Committee hosted their Lunar New Year Year of the Dog Reception at NYLCA. Margaret is also the current AABANY Co-Chair of the AABANY Real Estate Committee and Asia Practice Committee. 

This event was attended by over 150 Attorneys and was a joint event of  New York County Lawyers Association, Asian American Bar Association of New York, Korean American Lawyers of Greater New York, and the Filipino American Lawyers Association.  Thanks to Sean Bacchus, HSBC  Retail Business Banking Manager, James J. Paguaga, HSBC Retail Business Banking Manager, and David Lau, HSBC Retail Business Banking Relationship Manager for HSBC’s Sponsorship of the event. 

Warm greetings and introductions were given at the podium by NYCLA President Michael McNamara and NYCLA Vice President Vincent Chang who was a former AABANY President.  Yang Chen, AABANY Executive Director,  Karen Kim, President of KALAGNY, and Vincent Roldan, President of FALA-New York also spoke and thanked everyone for attending. It was a wonderful evening of delicious Chinese and Korean food, wine, and very good company.