Joint Statement in Opposition to Texas SB 147

For Immediate Release: 
Date: February 17, 2023
Contact Priya Purandare, Executive Director

The Asian American Bar Association of Houston (AABA Houston), the Austin Asian American Bar Association (Austin AABA), and the Dallas Asian American Bar Association (DAABA), and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) come together to strongly oppose the provisions of Texas Senate Bill 147 that prohibit individuals from owning land, buying homes, or establishing businesses in Texas based on their family’s country of migration.

This ban targets Asian and other immigrants, including those from China, and prevents them from establishing roots in the state, making investments in their communities, and pursuing the American Dream. It continues the pervasive legacy of anti-Asian racism and stereotypes of Asians tracing back over a hundred years. It echoes the bigoted Alien Land Laws, which aimed to drive Asian immigrants from this country by stripping them of their ability to buy homes and start businesses in the United States.

The passage of SB 147, as written, would represent a dramatic step backwards. We call on elected officials in Texas to oppose this bill and ensure that Texas does not repeat a historic mistake rooted in fear and bigotry.

Our associations will continue to advocate on behalf of Asian communities in opposition to this bill, including by building coalitions and identifying ways to engage with the legislature.


The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA), represents the interests of over 60,000 Asian Pacific American (APA) legal professionals and nearly 90 national, state, and local APA bar associations. NAPABA is a leader in addressing civil rights issues confronting APA communities. Through its national network, NAPABA provides a strong voice for increased diversity of the federal and state judiciaries, advocates for equal opportunity in the workplace, works to eliminate hate crimes and anti-immigrant sentiment, and promotes the professional development of people of all backgrounds in the legal profession.