ESSAY CONTEST open to all New York state community college students. Top prize of $1500.

The 2012 essay topic is “Cyberspace and the Law: What are Our Rights and Responsibilities?”. Though society has benefitted in countless ways from the development of the Internet and other digital technologies, we seldom stop to think how our constitutional rights are impacted. With recent legal cases touching on cyberbullying, digital piracy, the right to privacy, and the use of electronic surveillance by law enforcement, these decisions concerning our Federal and State constitutional rights to cyberspace will impact our lives for generations to come.
CUNY and SUNY winners will be awarded $1000 each with one winner awarded the New York State (NYS) Community College Grand Prize of $1,500. The winners will also be honored at the Law Day ceremony at the Court of Appeals Hall—an event at which the Chief Judge of the State of New York presides and the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Bench and Bar of New York attend.
The essay submission deadline is April 5, 2013. Visit for articles and other resources as well the contest rules.