For the Asian American International Film Festival, AABANY is a community partner for “Lil Tokyo Reporter,” being shown as part of “Into Penumbra,” at Anthology Film Archives on July 25.  

“Into Penumbra” is a compilation of 5 short films focusing on Asian American representation in mainstream media. 

Asian American representation in mainstream media has always been a struggle. Only those who envisage a possible shattering of the status quo could pioneer change. Through persevering artistic expression, life-risking investigative journalism, or satirical potential of Youtube, these five stories exemplify the various ways by which Asian Americans have made inroads in our history and present.

AABANY is a proud community partner for “Lil Tokyo Reporter,” directed by Jeffrey Gee Chin. The short film is based on the life of Sei Fujii, played by Chris Tashima,  a reporter who confronts injustice in the Japanese community during the Great Depression. Sei Fujii was a civil rights leader who vowed to protect his people, defending them in legal cases with Attorney Wright  and building a much needed hospital for the Japanese American community. 

Join AABANY for this great annual event.

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