On Wednesday, July 12th, the Membership, Litigation, Immigration, Labor & Employment Law, and Student Outreach Committees hosted a “Get to Know AABANY Happy Hour” at District Social.  The turn-out was great, and those who arrived by 7 pm were able to enjoy delicious sliders, flatbreads, and fries. Many new faces were in the crowd and many of the Committee Co-Chairs were in attendance as well to speak to the attendees and answer any questions they may have had about the AABANY committees that co-hosted.  For those interested in getting more involved with a particular Committee, we encourage you to reach out to the Co-Chairs directly. See below for links to each Committee’s page on the AABANY website.

Stay tuned for information about the next Get to Know AABANY Happy Hour, and thanks to everyone who came to this one.