On Thursday, June 7, AABANY’s Prosecutors’ Committee and Government Service & Public Interest (GSPI) Committee hosted their Late Spring Cocktail Mixer at Legends on West 33rd Street. At the event, prosecutors from the District Attorneys’ offices, public interest attorneys, interns, law students, and others mingled throughout the evening over cocktails and appetizers. The accompanying appetizers included wings, sliders, mozzarella sticks, among other dishes. 

We thank Prosecutors’ Committee Co-Chairs, Helen Ahn, Matthew Yi, Jim Lin, and GSPI Committee Co-Chairs, Beatrice Leong, Kevin Hsi, and Jonathan Hernandez for organizing the event. We would also like to thank all those who attended the mixer for making it an enjoyable evening of food, drinks, and laughs. We thank President James Cho, an active member of both committees and an Assistant US Attorney in EDNY, for joining us to make this late spring mixer fun and memorable.