Anise Health RestorAsian Scholarship

With the holiday season fast approaching, Anise Health wants to do our part to give back! We are launching the RestorAsian Scholarship will be awarded to 25 applicants to cover the first month (4 sessions) of weekly care for free for Asian adults to experience Anise’s innovative care model of integrated therapy, coaching, and curated digital resources. This limited time offer ends on November 30.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy! Follow these two simple steps: 

  1. Submit Anise Health’s intake form as soon as possible (only takes a ~5 minutes)*
  2. Select the  “RestorAsian Scholarship” from the drop-down options when asked “How did you hear about us?” at the end.

*We are currently only able to consider eligible first-time applicants (ages 18+) residing in CA or NY for the scholarship.

That’s it! Anise Health will randomly select winners each week, and you will be informed within one week of completing your intake form. In the meantime, we encourage you to schedule a free trial with your recommended providers. 

If you aren’t selected- don’t worry! We will still be offering exclusive incentives to eligible individuals who apply for the scholarship to help improve access to effective mental health care.

What does Anise Health offer if I win the scholarship?

You’ll get access to a unique mental health platform with several valuable benefits:

  • A rockstar team of diverse providers who are trained to understand and address stressors that impact Asian young adults, such as bicultural tension, perfectionism, discrimination, and intergenerational trauma. 
  • Evidence-based care model that integrates therapy and coaching, which means you’ll get both a therapist and a coach! They work together to personalize your care plan and treatment journey.
  • Technology-enabled experience with an easy-to-use interface and extensive digital resource library which curates topics specific to your unique experience.
  • Accessible support where you’re guaranteed to be matched to a provider within 2 business days. No more waiting for months for appointments!

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