(Only Child, Keye Luke, Or Die…,  More Than a Face in the Crowd, and Lil Tokyo Reporter)

Asian American representation has always been a struggle in mainstream media. Yet only those who go against the imposed limitations could pioneer change. Experimental, funky, historical or uplifting, these five stories exemplify the various platforms Asian Americans are using to share their stories–through artistic self-expression, perseverance, life-risking investigative journalism, or creating viral Youtube videos.

Presented on July 25th 6:30pm at Anthology Film Archives

AABANY is a proud community partner for “Lil Tokyo Reporter,“ directed by Jeffrey Gee Chin. The short film is based on the life of Sei Fujii, played by Chris Tashima,  a reporter who confronts injustice in the Japanese community during the Great Depression. Sei Fujii was a civil rights leader who vowed to protect his people, defending them in legal cases with Attorney Wright  and building a much needed hospital for the Japanese American community. 

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