On April 21, 2016, the AABANY Asia Practice Committee and AABANY Real Estate Committee co-sponsored the New York County Lawyers Association Real Property Section Spring Cocktail Party at Newman Ferrara LLP. Over 75 attorneys attended this successful evening of networking with a light buffet and a bourbon tasting with soju cocktails.

Other Sponsors included the New York County Lawyers Association Asia Practice Committee (our own AABANY Member, Margaret Ling is the Co-Chair of this NYCLA Committee); the Korean American Lawyers Association of Greater New York and the Caribbean Attorneys Network.

In attendance were AABANY Members Yang Chen, AABANY Executive Director; Margaret Ling, AABANY Co-Chair of both the Real Estate and Asia Practice Committees; Christina Ying, AABANY Co-Chair of the Asia Practice Committee; Cary Chan, AABANY Co-Chair of both the Real Estate and Solo & Small Firm Practice Committees; David Lu, AABANY Co-Chair of the Solo & Small Firm Practice Committee; and Kristin Jordan, NYCLA Co-Chair of Real Property Committee and KALAGNY Chair of Real Estate Subcommittee.

Many thanks to Kristin Jordan and Newman Ferrara for hosting and providing the beautiful venue.

Photos by Kevin Wong.